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Install SSIPTV Palyer on Samsung Smart TV (Non-Tizen Models)

Method 1: USB Installation

  1. Find Your TV Model:
    • Check the model of your TV. You can find it on the back of your TV or in the settings under Support → Contact Samsung.
  2. Download and Prepare:
    • Download the SS IPTV installation package: ssiptv_orsay_usb.zip.
    • Extract the ZIP file.
    • Rename the extracted folder to “ssiptv.”
  3. Copy to USB:
    • Copy the “ssiptv” folder to a USB drive.
  4. Insert USB into TV:
    • Insert the USB drive into one of the USB ports on your Samsung Non-Tizen TV.
  5. Installation:
    • Your TV will detect the connected USB and start the installation of SS IPTV.
    • You can find SS IPTV in the “Applications” section.

Method 2: Samsung Apps (Better Way)

  1. Open Samsung Apps:
    • Go to the Samsung Apps store on your TV.
  2. Login as Developer:
    • Log in as username: develop (no password required).
  3. Configure IP Settings:
    • Click on My Apps → Settings → IP Settings.
    • Set the IP to
  4. Start App Sync:
    • Go back and click on Settings → Start App Sync.

Install SS IPTV on Tizen OS (J or K Series)

  1. Download Tizen Studio and tizen.wgt.
  2. Install Tizen Studio on your PC.
  3. Open Package Manager (don’t restart).
  4. Install Baseline SDK from “Tizen SDK Tools.”
  5. Restart Your Computer.
  6. Connect to Your TV:
    • Open Remote Device Manager.
    • Turn on your TV and go to My Apps (from Smart Hub).
    • Press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 on the remote control.
    • Write the local IP of your PC where Tizen Studio is installed.
    • Turn off and then turn on your TV.
    • Press Scan in Remote Device Manager.
    • Toggle the switch to on for your TV.
  7. Create Certificates:
    • Open Certificate Manager (Alt+Shift+C).
    • Create a new certificate profile (name it as you like).
    • Register or log in to your Samsung account.
    • Import the tizen.wgt file.

Now you’re all set! Enjoy streaming with SS IPTV on your Samsung TV. 😊📺🚀

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